Technology Rocks™ @ CES® 2016

MusiComms Announces Mission to Raise Awareness around Benefits of Tech-Music Collaboration

Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2016 – MusiComms™, a global initiative dedicated to collaboration between the music and communications industries, announced today the launch of its Technology Rocks™ campaign at CES® 2016 to raise awareness around the benefits of industry collaboration in defining the future of music distribution. Board members from MusiComms will be speaking on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at CES 2016 in a panel entitled, “Music and Communications Technology: Innovation Through Collaboration.” The session will take place at 9AM in LVCC, North Hall, Room N256.

The new campaign is aimed at promoting awareness around the benefits of such industry collaboration. The campaign will also raise awareness around the benefits of marrying creative and engineering education for children and teens.

“CES is the ultimate innovation marketplace, where leaders from all industries demonstrate creative use of communications technologies. What better place is there to launch a sustainable platform for music innovation, as communication technologies demonstrate the next generation applications of customer engagement and customer experience,” said Juliet Shavit, President and CEO of SmartMark Communications and Executive Director of MusiComms.

MusiComms has identified important benefits of music and technology collaboration such as:

  • New revenue models for music
  • New application models for customer engagement for non-music companies and industries
  • Innovative applications and distribution opportunities for music and content
  • Surge of enthusiasm in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based education to help define course of music industry through engineering and technology
  • Opportunities for cross-generational communication around important issues
  • Opportunities to use music in ways to engage people to change the world

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About MusiComms™
MusiComms™ is a global initiative dedicated to collaboration between the music and communications industries with the goal of seeking out new opportunities for innovation and long-term sustainability and profitability of both markets.

As a consortium, MusiComms™ hosts a number of activities that bring together leadership from music and technology-driven industries to develop, innovate and implement new revenue models and marketing opportunities, with the ultimate goal of leveraging music to distinguish brand and fuel business opportunities.