2018 MusiComms Working Groups
Sparking Innovation in Music and Technology

Development of Requirements Document for CSP and Other Non-Traditional Cloud Distributors

  • This involves working with major publishers and labels on data analytics for reporting and licensing requirements
  • Potential partnerships with industry bodies in the communications industry
  • Output: White paper with reference model that is accepted by major labels and publishers; Potential certification model

Metadata Database Requirements and Recommendations

  • This group will work closely with music industry associations (predominantly CTO or CIO Groups) to create a list of requirements that they would like to have in a database which will ultimately help shape the industry model
  • Identification of music stakeholders (RIAA, ISRC, IWRC, NMPA, A2IM) and communications for input and support
  • Output: White paper and industry recommendations

A Customer ID or Music Profile

  • Working with both the service providers and music industry to identify potential needs and applications of a Customer ID
  • Include potential applications or use cases for a Customer ID
  • Output: Identify commonalities in information requirements and create first draft of Customer ID requirements recommendations for industry; Goal is to release at MusiComms 2018

Innovation, AR and VR

  • Identification of available and soon to be available innovation technologies
  • Identify role of music and potential hardware/software/apps dev partner models
  • Output: Publish white paper recommendations for monetization of these new technologies; Potential demonstration at MusiComms 2018

Automotive Cloud

  • Work with communications industries on easy or meaningful music applications or technology integrations into the vehicle
  • Create business case scenarios for revenue optimization for both Dealers, OEMs and Comms providers
  • Identify role of equipment manufacturers in the models
  • Possible creation of interactive demo (design in phase #1; development in phase #2)
  • Circulate and converse with OEMs on outcomes and viability of recommendations
  • Outcome: Creation of working recommendations document; A key outcome can be a workshop at MusiComms 2018 in the Fall

Music and Smart Home

  • Summarize concerns from music industry around music distribution and music preference in the home
  • Identify revenue models for music in the home
  • Identify customer experience benefits of music integration in the home
  • Determine music and energy efficiency similarities and opportunities for collaboration
  • Outcome: Create white paper summarizing role of music in smart home roadmap that includes opportunities for partnership and monetization for all parties as well as customer experience benefits