Technology Rocks™ at MusiComms

MusiComms’ Mission to Raise Awareness Around the Benefits of Tech-Music Collaboration

Officially launching at CES® 2016, Technology Rocks™ is a MusiComms campaign focused on raising awareness around the benefits of industry collaboration in defining the future of music distribution. The campaign will also raise awareness around the benefits of marrying creative and engineering education for children and teens.

MusiComms has identified important benefits of music and technology collaboration such as:

  • New revenue models for music
  • New application models for customer engagement for non-music companies and industries
  • Innovative applications and distribution opportunities for music and content
  • Surge of enthusiasm in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based education to help define course of music industry through engineering and technology
  • Opportunities for cross-generational communication around important issues
  • Opportunities to use music in ways to engage people to change the world

To learn more about Technology Rocks at MusiComms, please contact or call +1-615-864-7841.