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Musical thermostats? Poll finds customers would listen to utility DJs

By Jeff Postelwait
Electric utilities are used to being responsible for getting power to light switches, but not music to people’s eardrums — at least not directly. But a new survey shows there are people who might be interested in their power company doing just that.

MusiComms, which studies the future of music delivery, found in its 2015 Year End Consumer Preferences for Future Music Delivery Survey, that electricity customers might be interested in hearing music from their home thermostat, which would include a sound system.

The survey found this might be an attractive option for people concerned about using up the allowances on their smart phone data plans.

Males were more likely than females to select this option, and about 8.2 percent of the 4,000 people surveyed thought it was a good idea. Demographically, those 25 years old to 34 were the most likely to like this idea.

Other options picked by those polled included music from their TV provider, free when they buy something, or streaming into their car as part of the automobile purchase.

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